Review : Andis Master Hair Clippers #01557

If you are looking for a solid hair clipper to own then you can’t go wrong with the Andis Master Clipper.
The Andis Master is designed for heavy duty hair cutting, fading and tapering; It can also trim and shape or outline beards with equal flawlessness (in the right hands…). This makes it very flexible for general home grooming and probably the only tool you will ever need

Andis Master Hair Clipper
Andis Master Hair Clipper

Andis Master Hair Clippers

  • Ideal for all-around outlining and fading
  • Quiet and high speed motor
  • Great for dry cutting
  • Magnetic motor
  • Strong and durable
  • Unbreakable and lightweight aluminum housing


Andis as a manufacturer of professional and home clippers continues to grow globally.
It is over 95 years ago since Andis started producing electric hair clippers and today these products are available in over 90 countries around the world.
Barbers, stylists, groomers, and consumers everywhere continue to reach for Andis clippers, trimmers, dryers, blades, curling irons, and flat irons when they want to rely on top-performing tools.
Convenience and versatility is what separates Andis Professional Hair Clippers from the rest of the hair trimming machines today. You can also use it for quick and simple touch ups and trims, on the go.
All Andis clippers feature high-speed motors that are perfect for heavy-duty cutting, but they are whisper quiet, so you will not have to worry about your client’s eardrum hurting after you have been using an Andis clipper on their hair.
The Andis Master hair clipper is targeted at the professional market and very popular among professional barbers.
The Andis Masters is an adjustable hair clipper and best for all around hair cutting, tapering and creating fades.
The popular Andis Fade Master hair clipper is an offshoot of the Andis Masters. In fact the blade is the only thing that separates both from each other.
The Andis Fade Master comes with a surgical blade ( size #00000 to #000), which gets close to the scalp for for extra close cutting, fading and tapering whilst the Andis Fade Master is best for general hair cutting and comes with a standard blade (size #000 to #1)
This article is about the Andis Master hair clipper.
You will discover by reading this article the following

  • Why Andis Master Hair Clippers are regarded with high esteem by professional barbers around the world
  • What makes the Andis Master Hair Clipper Stand Out
  • What Customers think about the Andis Master Hair Clipper
  • Where Best To Buy the Andis Hair Clippers From

Andis Master Hair Clipper

Andis Master Hair Clipper Review

The Andis Master Hair Clipper review below contains a detailed overview of the good and not so good points about the Andis Master Hair Clipper in regards to its Functionality, Features, Performance, Build Quality, Accessories. also looks at a summary of collection of reviews by current users of this particular type of hair clipper.
You will if you have been following our hair clippers reviews blog note that all our product reviews are quite detailed and cover all the important features and aspects of the product.


What Comes In The Box

Andis Master Hair Clipper Box of Content
Andis Master Hair Clipper

When you open the box containing your Andis  Master Hair Clipper, you should find the following:

  • 1 x Andis Master Hair Clipper
  • 1 x Blade (size #000-1 pre-installed on clipper)
  • 1 x Blade Guard
  • 1 x Lubricating oil for the blades
  • 1 x User Guide

Note: Combs are not included


Product Description 

The Andis Master Hair Clipper is designed to fit into any hand size.  It is durable and built to last.
One of the first things you will notice with the Andis Master hair clipper is the shinning silver color of the clipper.
It is covered with a tough chromed aluminum housing that combines well with the black on/off button located on the side and a black power cord to give it an exquisite, contrasting shiny finish.

Andis Master Hair Clippers
Andis Master Hair Clippers

The motor and blades are solidly cased in the chromed and thoroughly polished aluminum housing. The housing is unbreakable and guaranteed to give you many years of relentless service.
The Andis Master is a little bit on the heavy side, compared to most home hair clippers but despite its heaviness it snugly fits into the hand like a glove.
The lever on the side is used to adjust the blade on the clipper enabling you to choose how much hair you want to snip or leave, giving you total length control.
The “on” and “off” is conveniently located on the side of the clipper and can be operated with a single thumb sliding across the switch.
On the opposite side of the adjusting lever an on/off button, is the screw head you can use to regulate the speed of the clipper and to fine tune the buzzing noise of the clipper
If you are looking for a solid hair clipper to own then you can’t go wrong with the Andis Master Clipper.
It is not only a professional hair clipper, it can be used at home and it is built to last

Type Of Hair Clipper

The Andis Master is a professional adjustable electric hair clipper.
It is a heavy duty corded clipper that’s built to deal with any type of dry hair (course, medium or fine) with unwavering surgical precision and performance.
With a flick of the thumb, you can instantly adjust your cutting length
The blade adjustment lever on the side allows you to choose how much hair you want to snip or leave giving you total length control.
Andis Master hair scores very high on versatility and it’s an all round clipper that is perfectly suitable for tapering, fading and just about any type of “hair grooming” on your body.

Build Quality

The aluminum housing is a “tough nut” and it is designed to last a very long time since it’s also chromed and stainless/rust resistant.
Every part (including the powerful magnetic motor and the carbon steel Blade) is firmly screwed into place to give you that perfect easy buzz and low vibration with virtually no clatter at all.
The Master gives you more operating power without feeling like a jackhammer! The smooth ergonomic curves allow you to have a solid grip on the clipper to give you steady aligned cuts and well controlled finer trims.
All materials used to construct the housing and the motor components are of high quality, thoroughly tested, durable and manufactured in the USA. This saves you money and lots of headaches in the long run.

Weight & Dimension

For such a powerful tool, the Andis Master sure is a small piece of equipment.
The clipper measures 6″ and weighs 1.25 lbs which is slightly heavier than most home use hair clippers.
The ring at the end of the handle (where the clipper joins with the power cord) can be used to hang the clipper on a hook for storage (with the power cord rolled up nicely of course).
It can also go into the drawer but you may need to buy a small storage bag to prevent the blades from being damaged (scratches or chipped teeth) as mentioned earlier.

Design Features

Below are some of the key features of the Andis Master hair clipper.

Motor Type & Size

The Andis Master is driven by a very powerful 120V magnetic motor which operates at 14,000 cutting strokes per minute (spm) to give you a clean and precise cut.
Most similar hair clippers run at only 7200 clipper strokes per minute which is only 50% of the power that runs the Andis Master hair clipper.

The metal casing, paired with such an insane electromagnetic motor does eventually result in a heated casing. after using it on a stretch for 15 minutes long.
Most professional barbers simply rest it a bit, or simply resort to using the “Andis Cool Care” to cool the device down.
Getting a can of “Andis Cool Care” would really help things along though.

Hair Cut Length Settings

It doesnt matter if you have fine or course hair texture, the Andis Master Hair Clipper will cut through easily.
The standard Master, however, has a blade that adjusts from #000 to #1. This is 1/50″ to 3/32″ (or 0.5mm to 2.4mm.)
The blade adjustment lever on the side allows you to choose how much hair you want to snip or leave giving you total length control.
The blades can be adjusted from size #000(1/50 of an inch or 0.5mm) to Size #1 (3/32 of an inch or 2.4mm) to give you those professional fades (including shadow fades) without much effort.

Andis Master Hair Clippers
Notches On the Andis Master blade lever adjuster allows for more precise blade adjusting

The adjustable levers on most adjustable clippers can only move from position A to position B with their levers (e.g Oster fast feed hair clippers).
If you take a closer look at the Andis Master adjustable lever, you will notice some notches on the clippers..
These notches on the clipper enable you allow for more precise blade adjusting which is one of the main reason why the Andis Master is a top clipper for fades.
The Master scores very high on versatility and it’s an all round clipper that is perfectly suitable for tapering, fading and just about any type of “hair grooming” on your body.

Blades Types & Sizes

Andis Master Blade
Blade for Andis Master Hair Clipper

The blades fitted on the Andis Master are like those of the Andis Fade Master, made of carbon-coated, stainless steel blades.
This makes the blades tough enough to handle any kind of hair cutting or shaping business. The blades’ sharpness guarantees precise cuts and tapering, regardless of hair type and density.
The main difference between the Andis Master hair clipper and the Andis Fade Master is mainly the blades.
The blades on the Andis Master hair clipper can be changed also to turn it into the Andis Fade Masters.
See Video below for the subtle difference between the Andis Master and the Andis Fade Master
Andis Master Vs Andis Fade Master


Guide Combs

Unlike some of the other professional hair clippers like the Wahl Senior, The Andis Master does not come with any Guide combs
What we advise you to do is simply get the Andis Magnetic Guide Combs Set. They’re magnetic and will fit your Andis Masters perfectly for more secure, tighter cuts.
They are long-lasting and are essentially the best guards on the market. They also fit some other hair clippers such as the Oster fast Feed hair clippers

Magnetic hair cliper guards
The magnetic hair clipper combs will help you achieve whatever look you are going for

With the guide comb set, you will be able to achieve whatever look you are going for.
The 5 set of purple magnetic guards includes sizes 1/16″, 1/8″, 1/4″, 3/8″ and 1/2″ (or 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4 in Andis sizes).

Cord Type & Length

Unlike cordless battery powered rechargeable clippers that juggle on the power output and overall performance, the Andis Master clipper is a corded electrical hair clipper.

Andis master Replacement cord
Andis Master comes with 8m of Heavy duty cord

The fact that this clipper is plugged in to the power source for the entire haircut ensures that there is a steady supply of juice to keep the motor running at optimum levels for the entire period of use.
This guarantees you get 100% high quality service every time.
The other thing to consider with corded clippers is the length of the power cord and the availability of replacements.
Looks like Andis thought of everything because the power cord on the Andis Master is 8m long, which is enough to allow the average barber to move around the client seat with ease.

Power System

The Andis Master hair clipper is an american made product and as such operates at 120 volt, 60 frequency cycle AC electrical current to run effectively.
You will not have to worry about re-charging the battery, or having the problem of a weak or dead battery as a result of the clipper being mains operated.
Note: Due to the power rating, the clipper is most suitable for residents of the US and Canada.
If you are purchasing this hair clipper to use outside of the USA in another country, you are most likely to need a step down transformer which steps down from (220/240v to 110/120v) and also steps up the electrical frequency from 50Hz to 60Hz…. This for some users is an extra expense too far for the cost of the hair clipper.
If you intend to use the hair clipper in the United States or in a country operating at 110v 60Hz…. you do not need any transformer or special adaptor to use the device.


All the parts of the Andis Master seamlessly come together to create the perfect hair cutting and styling tool.
The combination of a powerful magnetic motor and tough sharp blade makes the Andis Master an industry leader in performance and endurance. You will always get the desired results every time!
Due to the low vibrations, there’s less tremor in your hands while handling the Andis Master clipper thus giving you more control
The blade’s sharpness guarantees precise cuts and tapering, regardless of hair type and density.
If you are looking for a really close cut you need to be looking at the Andis “Fade Master”, that would be the closest cut attainable without shaving.

Ease Of Use

Designed for heavy-duty use, all-around cutting and tapering, the Andis Master is a barbershop “must-have” and the standard by which most professional hair clippers are compared.
The Andis Master is quite easy to use and great for everyday hair cutting.
It is much more easier to use than the Andis Fade Master hair clipper which are meant for specialist use and comes with surgical blades..

Noise Level

Andis Master hair clipper has a metal casing and comes with a very powerful motor, therefore is slightly noisier than most home hair clippers.
However if you are comparing the noise with other professional clippers like the Oster 76 hair clippers, it will run relatively quiet.
It is possible to fine tune the buzzing noise of the hair clipper into a low purr using the screw on the other side (opposite the adjusting lever and on/off button side).
Watch video clip below to see how easy it is to use the Andis Master hair Clipper

The Andis Master operates with minimal noise and less vibration when everything is properly screwed into place which includes fine tuning the power screw (this MUST be done before first use).

Cleaning & Maintenance

The Andis Master is extremely easy to maintain and clean.
It will take you 20 minutes to 30 minutes on average to do a thorough cleaning on the Andis Master hair clipper.
The easiest way to clean your blades is dipping it (while the clipper is running) into a shallow tray/bowl of cleaning oil (Andis Clipper Oil) and all hair should simply come off.
The rest can be taken care of using an old tooth brush or a small brush then you can dry the blades using the aforementioned piece of dry cloth.
Note: avoid the lubricating oil going into contact with the motor and always ensure any excess is again wiped off with a piece of cloth.
Also make sure your clipper is well lubricated before, during and after use before storing it. This will ensure it lasts longer and it continues to give you good service throughout the years. Replace any worn out or broken parts immediately they’re discovered.
Here’s a video to give you a head start in maintaining your Andis Master clipper:
Maintaining Your Andis Master Clipper


Additional Accessories

Apart from the fact that you can purchase Andis Magnetic Guide Combs Set to enable you achieve varied hair styles, you can effortlessly convert your Andis master into a Fade Masters hair Clipper.
You can do this by exchanging the blade #000 you find on your Andis Master with a Andis Fade Master blade #00000. You can purchase a Master blade size #00000 to use with your Master clippers which effectively converts it into a Fade Master’s Model.

User Ratings

The customer reviews on Amazon are extremely positive, with over 73% of reviewers giving the Andis Master a minimum of 4 stars, citing top performance, quality construction, and ease of use.
The average consumer ratings on the Andis Master range between 3.8 out of a possible 5.
One of the biggest issues with the Andis Master hair clippers is the fact that after about 15 minutes of continuous use… the device does gets hot as a result of its powerful motor and its metal casing. This as pointed out earlier in the review can be resolved by purchasing the “Andis Cool Care” to cool the device down.
As expected, a lot of its negative reviews only come from non professional users who have bought defective secondhand Andis Master hair clippers online (of course most of the customers reported missing teeth or a rattling annoying motor… nothing about the actual clipper’s performance!).
All reviews from consumers who bought new clippers or secondhand clippers in good condition only sang praises for the Andis Master clipper which is totally expected.
Below are some of what users have to say about the Andis Master Hair Clipper:

Awesome clippers, cut extremely nice… evenly and quietly… this cuts everything perfectly even… makes sense now why Professionals use these!!

This is a pro clipper that a barber would use. It’s built like a tank! The motor seems strong too. I’ve had mine a year now, and use it every other day to buzz my head. It gets real close and never bites. I can see this clipper lasting decades. Awesome!

Powerful clipper that cuts clean and blends excellent. Pair these with the Magnetic guards and you will not be disappointed.

Wow! Talk about a professional cut! Cuts smoothly and evenly every single time. see more user reviews here

Click To Read More About What Users Are Concerned About Here


Value For Money

The Andis Master is not all that expensive and that’s the beauty of it.
The Andis Master Hair Clipper retails for between $82 to $85, depending on where you buy it from.
It is more expensive than most home hair clippers but when comparing it to other high end professional hair clippers it is competitively priced.
A good second hand clipper in good condition or a new one will cost you somewhere in the range of $80 to $100 with a 1 year warranty.
Most of the accessories like replacement Blades, lubricating oils or coolants will cost you about $20 (or less) and so will the 5-piece set of combs.
The Andis Master hair clipper represents good value for money


Final Thoughts

So there you have it… the Andis Master is the perfect hair clipper for all types of haircuts and users at an unbeatable price.
The Andis Master is totally a thing of beauty matched by top notch performance to become an obvious #1 choice.
If you’re looking for effortless styling and barbering services as well as ease of use (that still lets you achieve professional hair cutting or styling finishes) then you can thank your lucky stars for stumbling upon this review because the Andis Master with the Standard master Blade is the answer to your prayers.
The carbon steel blades will let you go through any type of hair and still get that perfect hair cut whether you are a DIYer or someone is doing the trimming for you (professional or otherwise).
Another thing worth mentioning is the chromed aluminum housing that gives the clippers a smooth glossy finish that makes the Andis Master beautiful to look at and easy to clean.
The Andis Master is best for tapering and fading but especially the fading (and/or styling). It can fit into both professional (in a salon or barber shop) and armature (home/ DIY) scenarios with ease. The Master will quickly turn regular visits to the barber shop into one of those once in a while easy to forego appointments.

Pros - What We Like

  • Easy to use (single-hand thumb controlled power on/off and lever adjustment for varied trimming depth)
  • Easy to clean (detachable blades and easy to wipe chromed housing)
  • High performance magnetic motor
  • Works well with almost all types of hair
  • Versatile (tapering and fading)
  • Durable, unbreakable housing
  • Ideal for all-around outlining and fading
  • Great for dry cutting
  • Strong and durable
  • 1 year Manufacturers warranty
  • Made in the USA

Cons - What We Dont Like

  • No blade guards.
  • Slightly heavy
  • Overheats
  • Not dual voltage – Adaptors needed outside the USA


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Andis Master Hair Clippers
Andis Master Hair Clippers


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  1. I bought some improved masters not too long ago and also own speed-o-guide attachments…however, the attachments do not fit well on the clippers or do not attach properly…any suggestions?

  2. Can you please tell me the difference between the Andis Master hair clipper and the Andis Fade Master hair clipper. Don’t know what the difference is and need to make a choice in what clipper to buy !

  3. Hi,
    I am planning on getting a good hair clipping machine of professional grade. I am looking for something that will last a long time, work reliably and provide a decent amount of power.
    I have been looking at Wahl, Oster and Andis. Which models would you recommend? Is one brand better than the other?
    Recommendations, experiences and suggestions, please.

  4. I need some high-end clippers and I hear that both Andis and the Oster 76 in particular are both very good brands.
    But which do you think is better and why? ps, i will be doing alot of fades.

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