Manual Hair Clipper – Is It Any Good?

manual hair clippers
Manual Hair Clippers – Can Be Used Anywhere

What Is A Manual Hair Clipper?

Manual hair clippers are hair clippers operated by hand power rather than by electric power. They exist in different shapes and sizes and can be used not only for cutting hair but for hair trimming, beard trimming as well.
While manual hair clippers were widely used in the distant past, the advent and reduction in cost of electric hair clippers has led to their largely replacing manual clippers.
Some barbers in developing counries still continue to use them for trimming. They were also quite popular used in the army and in prisons.

Manual Hair clippers

Manual hair clippers tend to look like scissors and are operated by a pair of handles which are alternately squeezed together and released to cut the hair. The head of the manual hair clipper looks like the head of electric clippers.

manual hair clippers
manual hair clipper

Squeezing the handles causes the blades to move in a similar, though slower, quieter, and more controllable, way to electric clippers.
Many of the attachments that electric hair clippers use to trim hair at varying lengths and shape beards are also available for manual clippers.
While the lack of motor makes trimming hair a slower process than with electric clippers, manual hair clippers offer several advantages.

Key Advantages Of The Manual Hair Clipper

Very Light & Easy To Use
Manual hair clippers tend to be very light as they dont have any battery packs or motors to run them that could add to their overall weight… all you need to do is squeeze your fingers together and you have started the haircut… so they are very easy to use.
Can Be Used Anywhere
Manual clippers don’t require electric energy. They are often an ideal choice for individuals who go on extended camping trips or for people who live in areas where electricity use might be impractical.
A lot of people who are also environmentally conscious also often choose the manual hair clippers over electric ones.
Freedom to move around
Unlike corded electrical hair clippers where you have to remain close to an electrical outlet… you are not restricted by any cord. You can take your clipper anywhere and operate when and where needed without any need for any power supply source.
Great For Use On Children & Animals
Grooming children and pets is much easier with manual hair clippers than it is with the electric hair clippers as they are less noisy than electrical hair clippers.
Manual hair clippers dont come with any electric clipper motors so thay are very silent unlike electrical clippers where you can still hear the buzzing sound of the motors and feel the vibrating sounds of the electrical motors.
Some users also find that the nearly silent operation is preferable simply because the loud, persistent noise of electric hair clippers can get annoying and disturb other family members.
Manual clippers tend to be solidly built and because they have little or no running parts, they do last for years.
Little or No maintenance required
There is little or no maintenance involved in owning a manual hair clipper. the main thing involved is making sure the clipper is well oiled.
Cheap To Run
There are also no additional cost involved in using a manual hair clipper as you don’t have to pay for electrical charges that your hair clippers consume
Can Achieve Different Hair Styles
Apart from the popular shaven look that is often associated with manual hair clippers, you can still achieve different hair cut styles with the use of hair comb attachements
The comb attachments connect to the head of the clippers to control how close to the skin the clippers cut. This in turn determines the length of the hair that is left behind.
If you are interested in purchasing a manual hair clipper and you want to achieve or experiment with different hair style and lengths with it, you might want to purchase one with a wide variety of attachment sizes.


Disadvantages of the manual Hair Clipper

Much slower To achieve Hair Cut
By virtue of the fact that the manual hair clipper is not run by any motor does mean that they are much slower to use than the electrical hair clippers
Limited Hair Cut Styles
The manual hair clippers do have a limited number of hair clipper combs or attachments and you therefore can not achieve the full range of hair cut styles and hair cut lengths that are available to you when using the electrical hair clippers
More Likely To Suffer From Wrist fatique
Without a motor powering the hair clipper unit… it is not that easy to se over an extended period of use without taking some break. Having said that, you  do also have to take some breaks when using electrical hair clippers over extended periods of time as they electrical hair clippers do get hot after an extended use too

Manual Hair Clipper In Operation

Below is a playlists of videoclips of the manual hair clipper in use

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Manual Hair Clipper

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