Buying the right pair of hair clippers can be challenging, with so many hair clipper brands and types on the market. You will find here some hair clipper guides and tips to help you make the right buying decision.

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Hair Clippers

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Investing in a solid set of hair clippers and cutting your own hair can save you a ton in the long-term in haircut costs.

If you are new to cutting your own hair or just starting up your hair cutting business, you will want a pair of electric hair clippers that are easy to use and provide numerous attachments to make it easy to get the specific type of hair cut you desire.

Hair Clippers

Hair clippers now come in different shapes, sizes, brands, some with loads of accessories and some with none) all claiming to be the best hair clipper for you.

The problem is that there are many types of hair clippers on the market and it can be very challenging knowing which one to buy.

But hey, that’s where we can help! has done some research and put together some simple hair clipper factsheets to help you get a better understanding of hair clippers so you have the right information to enable you choose the right hair clipper for your use.

We have also done some reviews of some of the most popular hair clipper brands to enable you choose from the many features available.

To get started, take a look at the hair clipper guide below to help you determine what hair clipper will be most suitable for your you.

Hair Clipper guide

Hair Clipper Guide

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hair clippers buying guide

Hair Clippers – Buying Guides

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Best hair clippers to buy

Best Hair Clippers

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Best Hair Clipper Brand Reviews

Hair Clipper Brands

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Hair Clippers

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  1. My boyfriend wants me to start cutting his hair for him, because the barber is getting more expensive. When he goes, he usually gets a #4 on the sides, with scissors on top. I don’t mind doing it this way, but could I use the hair clipper on top too, that just cuts at a longer length? If so, which one should I use? I don’t want to use it and then cut it too short on accident. Thanks! 10 pts. to best answer

  2. I bought some Conair hair clippers and was trying to clip my cat’s fur, but it didn’t seem to be cutting well and took forever to do. Is there a difference between those and pet clippers? If so, does anyone have any recommendation as to which pet clippers would be the most efficient and inexpensive?

  3. I need to buy a set of electric hair clippers and am interested in one by Wahl but its called a taper hair clippers. Would this be the same as a standard pair for shaving hair to no 1 ie buzz cut?
    It may be a silly question but I just need to double check, I wouldnt want to waste £35 on something if it will be no use to me
    Thanks for your help

  4. I plan on getting my head shaved and I need to buy a pair of hair clippers. My hair is past my shoulders, straight, and I have thicker hair. Should I buy a good pair of clippers or should I save my money and go get it shaved off? I plan on donating my ponytail to Locks of Love also

  5. I usually give myself a fresh buzz everyweekend, but ive had to skip some because my clippers arent moving back in fourth and trimming as good, and it feels like it rips my hair out when it goes threw instead of cutting it and it doesent get much hair out? the problem is how the blades wont me left to right and it occasionaly will but i was wondering if theyre was a way to permanatly fix the blades to go back and fourth? dont just say clean the blades …i already tried it, looking for specifics please?

  6. Okay, so i dont have a #0 gaurd, and i need one to fade mty hair, which number on the lever do i put it on withought any gaurds on it,,like only the metal???

  7. Is there any brand of electric hair clippers that cut hair right down, as in bald?
    I want to be bald but dont want to have a wet shave using Gillette. Is there an electric hair clipper that can give a good result?

  8. I just borrowed some hair clippers and I want to cut my hair using a number 3 (10mm). I can’t quite figure out how to get the clipper guard onto the actually trimmer. Any ideas?

  9. I need to get my cat trimmed but i can afford the 70 quid price so i am thinking of doing it at home myself can i use general hair clippers and whats the best tips on how to do it, the cat is a long haired birman
    Yeah but its so expensive as there is only oner person who can do it as there is no one else in the neighbourhood < if i take it to the vet do you think they can do it

  10. i just cut it today at a size 2 clippers and i want to know how long my hair will be by the time august 12th comes by by the way my hair grows kind of fast i don’t know if that will help?

  11. i have a Cavalier king charles spaniel so its a long haired dog. i want to shave him for summer but the dog hair clippers are over $300!
    could i use people hair clippers or would his fur get jammed up in it?
    please help =]

  12. I usually give myself a buzz cut. The catch is, I have very thick and coarse hair. The past clippers I’ve had (Remington and Conair brands), I’ve either burned out the motor or the sheers simply won’t cut through my hair as a result. So now I’m looking for a pair of clippers with a higher-end motor in it. I was looking at Wahl and Oster but I’m open for suggestions. Again, I need something that can handle my thick and coarse hair.

  13. Where can I get a good hair clipper for about $40? If you have one that was cheap and works great let me know the brand and model name. Thank you.

  14. i’m looking to get a hair clipper so i can cut hair myself since its quite inconvenient to have to go to the salon every time i think my hair is too long and as a college student its not something i can afford to do either
    i know that there are different attachments for the different hair lengths you want but i havent been able to find any longer than an inch and a half and im looking for something closer to 2 inches
    i have styling scissors but cutting my hair evenly with scissors seems really difficult so im too scared to try 🙁
    do they make attachments that can cut hair 2 inches long?

  15. i wanna do it myself but afraid that clippers dont work in the middle of process or that attachments dnt leave hair at all

  16. I plan on getting my head shaved and I need to buy a pair of hair clippers. My hair is past my shoulders, straight, and I have thicker hair. Should I buy a good pair of clippers or would it be easier to go and get it shaved off at a barbershop? I plan on donating my ponytail to Locks of Love also

  17. I’m an african american male who wanna know more baout hair clippers. I just got a haircut, and I asked my barber what size guard he used and he told me 3/8. I have waves, but I wanted it a bit shorter. What size guard is the next smallest to a 3/8? Actually, can someone tell me all the sizes to a hair clipper guard? Thanks.

  18. I’m in college and to save money I’m going to start doing my own hair, they’re just buzzes anyway. I’m looking for $50 or below. Needs to have guides up to an inch. And I’d be ordering online so post a link too.

  19. I was wondering about hair clippers and all those numbers with them. I went to the barber and he asked what number. I said 3, i know that from past experience because i know what hair style i like but is it possible for clippers with a number 3 guard on it to cut hair shorter? And my facial hair trimmer came with guards two and its the same deal with that. BEST ANSWER = 10 POINTS

  20. My dogs hair is VERY fine. Cottonball like. Regular dog clippers don’t make the cut. (Pun intended) is there a specific clipper out there for cutting fine haired dogs?
    He’s a schanuzer, poodle mix, just so you know the kind of hair I’m dealing with.
    Not to be rude, but if I had $100+ to drop on a set of clippers I’d just take him to the groomers.

  21. I have been using Wahl Hair Clippers from past 1 year and I believe I am on the 6th one now. I have used 5 hair clippers in the past and none of them lasted more then 2 months ( I cut my hair once every week) so life of these seem to be 8 uses. The problem is, after i use them I rinse it with water from the sink faucet and immediately the hair clipper starts catching rust and gradually starts becoming weak. Can anybody give me some good advice on how to maintain these clippers…cleaning….etc so they last long. Thanks in advance.

  22. My hair is getting shaggier by the day and I wanna style a buzz cut for a while without having to go and pay for it every month.
    Will any hair clippers do? And is there anything I should know before I begin?

  23. Ok so i got some new hair clippers and im a little confused. With the clip off, it has an adjustment knob on the side that moves one of the two blades. I understand that that can change it from a 0 to a .5. My question is which one is which? When i move it and the blades are almost the same height is that a 0 or .5? and then when i move it to where one blade is far down from the other which is that? thanks!

  24. ok can anyone tell me the next smallest size after a size 0 on my hair sides
    and a picture would do nicely please

  25. A barber is out of the question, I am simply too poor to do that. what i normally do is just take a number 6 across my entire head but then after a while the hair on the sides gets too long and it looks like my eyes are close together. i need the hair on the sides of my head shorter but i don’t know how to layer it.
    don’t tell me to get it done at a barbershop, i will report your answer.

  26. I love cutting my own hair, it saves money and trips to the barber every week. I’ve been using a set of whale clippers from wal-mart I got for like 30 bucks. I like them but I noticed they don’t cut as smoothly and evenly as I need them to. They do more pulling of the hair then acutal cutting causing my hair to grow back funny. Any advice on what kind of clippers I should buy or any advice on something I could be doing better?

  27. I have a face clipper set with a guard and i was wondering if I can use it to give myself a buzz cut. I hate how my hair looks after 2 or three weeks without a cut but I hate forking out $20 for someone to do it for me even more.
    They aren’t scissors. It’s an electric set.
    It looks like that except it’s by Conair and has a comb/guard thing.

  28. I did some research and found out that the “Oster Classic 76” and the “Andis Fade Master” are the best for black males. Is this true? If, not what are the best clippers? And where can i find them for a good price?

  29. what are the best hair clippers made of,as in the blades?ceramic,carbon steel,titanium?for sharpness and closeness…some professional advice would be most welcome,thank you.

  30. My hair clippers (Breville) have clipper guards ranging from 1-4. I want to do a number 7 on the back and sides with finger trim on the top. I want to buy more clipper guards but I’m not sure if they will fit mine. Any help guys?

  31. I need to get my mare clipped for portraits, but can’t afford good horse clippers. I work at Marshalls and saw a pair of human hair clippers for 11 bucks. Should I try it? Or is it an automatic fail?

  32. I am wondering if it would allow me to adjust the length of the attachment combs. I am looking for hair clippers that can cut 3mm length, but most of the hair clippers I see comes with 1/8″ attachment (about 4mm) or larger.

  33. it always seems like superman is flying through the sun and into burning airplanes (not to mention entering the earths atmosphere). But do you ever notice his hair never catches on fire or gets scraped off. I think it’s safe to say that superman has super hair. That being said, do you notice how he always has a nice hair cut? That means the clippers can cut the hair that can with stand the sun. . . hence if you cut him with the clippers/scissors he should bleed. Is this just me or have I found something other than kryptonite that can kill Superman?

  34. I own 2 pairs of hair clippers, a Wahl and an Oyster, both inexpensive. It takes me a while to cut my own hair having to do 3-4 passes. This also irritates my scalp very much. What is a good clipper between $100 – $150 for cutting my own hair? A set that I only need to do one pass. Thanks

  35. What is the best way to clean hair clippers with stuff you would commonly find laying around the house?

  36. Does anybody know which hair clippers are the best for a reasonable price? Any suggestions based on experience?

  37. My husband is a black man who shaves his head, I bought him some clippers so we could do this at home but they suck. Does anyone have any suggestions what kind to buy that work well. I would like to buy a good qualiity pair of clippers.
    retro, the clippers are needed to shave his head.
    frisko, yes his head is bald. but he goes to the barber every week and it would just make more sense for us to do it at home.

  38. I would like to buy a professional hair clipper, one that can create precision shaping e.g like the celebrities P Diddy. which one do you recommend?

  39. I just bough a con-air hair clipper set with a 5 level taper length adjustment lever so I give myself buzz cuts, my question is how long would hair be for each adjustment of the taper lever? I want to do a 1.5 but there is no guard for that, just for a number 1. So I need to know how short each cut from just adjusting the taper lever would be without a guard on it so I can figure out where to put it to do a 1.5

  40. I went to clean out my clippers for the first time and when I put it back together they stopped cutting. It just won’t cut my hair and it worked fine last month when I used them. I put everything back together 3 times, it seems in place. Also makes a louder noise and vibrates much more. The blade moves, just doesn’t cut. They’re conair if that helps. Any tips on what I can do to get the clippers to cut again?

  41. i have remington clippers and i was wondering what size is this…6mm (1/4″)… what number is it…1?…2?…3?….i dont know

  42. I need a more professional hair clipper because I am unhappy with the cheaper Walmart brands. The most recommended are the Oster, Wahl, and Ander brands. I want to know what price range is appropriate for someone like me.
    I understand that most rate the Oster Classic 76 as the best hair clipper. I am wondering if something like the Oster would be useful for someone who simply buzzes his own hair. I usually buzz my hair with both a number 1 and 2 clipper. I only need a simple hair cut. I would like to buy a more professional clipper, and don’t mind paying more for a professional quality type of clipper. I just don’t want to end up buying something that I might not really need.
    Is an Oster Classic 76 a good option for someone who only needs a simple buzz cut? Or would a Wahl brand do the job just as well? I noticed some Wahl clippers are selling for $50 compared to the Oster selling for $120.

  43. wht is the difference when you start at the forehead and go back than from starting at the back going to the forehead? does the hair on top look different or the same

  44. Ahoy hoy.
    I do my own buzz-cuts, and I currently do so with my fathers old Wahl clipper. However, next year I am going to college and I’ll be needing my own so I can continue to be my own barber.
    Any recommendations for a good clipper that isn’t too expensive? (I’d say $100 tops, and that’s pushing it.)

  45. I’m looking for a relatively inexpensive set of hair clippers that have a size #16 or #14. (2 inch or 1.75″)
    I have googled the snot out of this, but cannot find a pair that large anywhere.

  46. So my girlfriends dad cuts my hair and sometimes he can’t get around to it and I can’t find his branded clippers. I know wahl is pretty good but I don’t know what model to choose from. I want good clippers that will do the job well done. I don’t care what the price is. Please help

  47. I am 20 years old, and I have been cutting my hair pretty short for a while, (no bedhead, no brushing, just easier!)
    And anyways, I usually go to the barber and just ask for a number 5 on top and a number 3 on the sides.
    All the clippers I’ve looked into only
    Cut the hair bald or cut it really there any clippers that let me cut my
    Hair to my preferred length?

  48. I’m thinking about trying to cut my own hair, but this will be the first time I’ve ever done it, so I could use a few pointers. My hair right now is pretty long, about eye level in the front. Before I start with clippers, do I need to cut it shorter with scissors? Or does it even matter?
    Also, when I use the clippers, do I use the same guard for my whole head? A friend of mine who used to cut his own hair before he grew it out told me that you’re supposed to used shorter guards on the back and sides.
    Any other tips would be appreciated too. Thanks. I’ll choose best answer soon.

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