The Best Hair Clippers For Buzz Cut

buzz cut hairWhat Are The Best Hair Clippers For A Buzz Cut? had done some research and compiled a list of the best hair clippers for buzz cut. Most are professional grade, and some are those budget ones you can try out especially if you are looking for a hair clipper for home use.

The list is regularly updated, even though some of the classics like Oster 76 aren’t going to get replaced soon.

If you are interested in a particular clipper, you can also visit our hair clipper reviews section where we have detailed reviews of specific hair clippers.

The buzz cut is an extremely popular hair style with everyone ranging from musicians to athletes to military men to anyone with an active lifestyle.

The buzz cut hair cut was made popular by the military who preferred it because it is neat, quite easy to do and easy to maintain and allowed for a uniform look.

It’s as simple as leaving a uniform length of hair on the top, sides and back of the head which lends itself to better definition of the facial features.

Whist it’s a simple trip to the barber, the problem is that the average buzz cut will still set you back a whopping $10 – $20 every visit, even though the whole process is not long.

The way to solve the problem is to buy a good set of hair clippers that will easily enable you to achieve a buzz cut at home.


What To Look For In Selecting The Best Hair Clippers For Buzz Cut

In choosing the best hair clippers for a buzz cut, there are a number of factors that we have taken into consideration whilst compiling the list.

Some of the factors we have taking into consideration include the features of the clippers, the build quality, the power and speed of the motor, the type of blades that come with the clippers, and a host of other factors that are important in selecting the best hair clippers.

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Please Note: Do Check the version Number of the Clipper and the Voltage of specific clipper before buying as different countries use different voltage rates. The clipper models we have listed out here are all useable in the USA and any country that uses the 110-120 volts range which is what is standard in the USA.



The Best Hair Clippers For Buzz Cut

Below is the list of the best hair clippers for buzz cut compiled by, keeping in mind that electric hair clippers are the most appropriate clippers for this type of hairstyle.

Oster Fast Feed Clippers

oster professional fast feed hair clipper

Oster Fast Feed clippers

If you are going to be giving a buzz cut hair style on a commercial basis, you need not only a powerful, well built set of hair clippers that is durable and can cut through any hair type but one that has a pretty fast motor too.

The Oster Fast Feed clipper is a perfect tool for professionals and barbers who want to give the buzz cut type of hair style…. It is a corded, mains electrically operated hair clipper and comes with a powerful pivot motor which are twice as fast as most magnetic motor clippers.

This pivot motor not only enables fast cutting speeds but will enable you power through different hair types easily and quickly over extended periods of time which is a good feature for a barber to have as you need to be able to get through as many hair cuts a day as physically possible to make the most money.

The Oster fast feed hair clippers also comes with an adjustable lever to enable you adjust the cutting blade lengths of the clipper, which not only helps you achieve excellent precision buzz cuts but you can fade, taper and achieve different hair styles without having to down tools to change blades.

The lever enables you to achieve a very short size ( size #000 to size #1 ) without changing blades (see clipper blades sizes). Size #000 is very short and is a great size for buzz cuts.

Although the Oster fast feed hair clippers has a very plain design, it does offer everything a DIY barber needs; power, flexibility, ease of use, brand, and quality, while still perfectly fitting into your hand.

Whilst the Oster fast feed clippers is regarded mostly as a professional hair clipper… it also is a good clipper for home use too. Maintenance is as simple as brushing off the blades and oiling them before and after each use

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Oster Classic 76 Hair Clipper

oster classic 76 professional hair clipper

Oster Classic 76 hair clipper

The buzz cut remains one of the most popular hair cuts demanded by people visiting the barbers. One hair clipper that has the ability to power through all types of hair and can be used on a continuous basis in any professional setting is the Oster Classic 76 hair clipper.

Oster is one of the biggest brands in hair clipper technology and the Oster 76 Classic is their flagship hair clipper, known and used by all barbers throughout the world

If you are looking to achieve a buzzcut look… this clipper can do it and even more!!

The Oster 76 Classic Hair clipper is a corded, mains electrically operated professional hair clipper which is extremely durable and comes with a super powerful universal rotary motor together that is super powerful and could power through any hair type, wet or dry without pulling the hair.

You can easily achieve any type of haircut or haircut length you want with this amazing hair clipper as it uses a detachable blades system which ensures it can accept different clipper blade sizes to achieve any hair length size you want.

There is some downsize to all this power though…. the Clipper although solidly built is slightly more heavier than most home use hair clippers and because of its power… might not be adviceable to use for DIY users who want to cut their own hair at home especially if you are not that experienced at cutting your own hair.

If you have are a professional or you have a large family and you want a real hair clipper that can handle any job….. the Oster Classic 76 is the hair clipper for you.

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Philips Norelco DIY QC5570 Hair Clipper

Philips Norelco QC5550 Do-It-Yourself Headgroomer

Philips Norelco DIY QC5570 Hair Clipper

If you are planning on giving yourself a buzz cut at home, you need a hair cutter that is not only light in weight but easy to manoeuvre on and around your head yourself.

The Philips Norelco DIY QC5570 Hair Clipper is perfect for giving yourself a buzz cut style and haircut. Not only is it cordless… so no cords to get yourself tangled up in…it comes with a rotating head and 13 lock-in length attachments that allow you to easily maneuver around your head to achieve whatever shape of buzz cut you want to achieve.

You can easily achieve various sizes of buzz cut ranging from  0.5mm to 15mm of hair can be left behind when you use this clipper

The blades that come with the philips Norelco Diy QC5570 hair clipper are super sharp, fully washable and you can get up to 60minutes of running time on one single charge which is enough for you and a couple of friends to get your buzz cut done.

Click here to read more about the features of the Philips Norelco DIY QC5570 Hair Clipper

The beauty of having a cordless hair clipper is that you can get your done anywhere and also can even take on holidays with you to keep your buzz cut well trimmed.

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Wahl Professional 8685 Peanut Classic clipper

wahl peanut hair clipper

Wahl Professional 8685 Peanut Classic clipper

The Wahl Professional 8685 Peanut Classic Clipper has been added to the list of the best hair clippers for buzz cut largely due to its ease of use, small size, light-weight and yet powerful motor.

The Wahl Professional 8685 Peanut Classic Clipper has become somewhat of a ‘style icon’ among the top clipper models, with its peanut shape and funky body design. Its quite popular not only among professional barbers but students in the university and people who like a lightweight hair clipper that they can easily carry around.

It’s Compact sized clipper with cutting guides makes it easy to give or cut a buzz cut as it makes trimming the edges of any hair easier.

If you’re looking for a clipper/trimmer that is easy to handle, look no further. Other hair clippers can be heavy and difficult to use, resulting in irritated and nicked skin and an uneven trim. The Peanut is light, small and easy to hold and move.

The Wahl Peanut clipper/trimmer is an excellent value for the money if you are thinking of a hair clipper that you can use for buzz cut. It is an extremely affordable choice and can be used by the whole family. Compared to the average cost of a barber visit, the Peanut will pay for itself in less than four uses.

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Andis Master Clipper

2. Andis Master Hair Clipper (Silver – 01557)

Andis Master Clipper

The Andis Master Hair clipper is one of the best hair clippers for buzzcuts on the market. The clipper is fitted with an adjustable lever together with the fade blade that enable you to ready attached the perfect clipper for at home and professional use to give a buzz cut type of hairstyle.

The Andis Master Hair clipper comes in an unbreakable aluminium housing which is tough enough to withstand drops and everyday use which makes it perfect for use in any professional or home setting.

The adjustable lever has 5 lever notches on the side which is perfect for tapering and fading. The notches let you know exactly how low you are cutting, given the blade lever adjusts from 000-1.

The Andis Master Hair clipper itself does not however come with clipper guards, but this is typical for most professional clippers of this quality. The clipper guards are not too expensive to buy and the fact that the clipper is adjustable still means you can achieve different hair lengths without the need to change blades.

The comb set, for this clipper are durable and inexpensive. The comb set (#01380) consists of 7 guards that will help you cut nearly any hair style.

Lightweight and has a powerful motor with high speeds.

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Remington SCC100 Shortcut Hair Clipper

Remington SCC-100 Short Cut Clipper

Remington SCC100 Shortcut Hair Clipper

If you want to avoid barbers all together and cut your own or your family’s hair, then the Remington SCC100 Shortcut Hair Clipper will be a perfect tool for the job.

Clippers work well if you have long hair and for the top of the head, but are very unsatisfactory for the back of the head and the neck especially if you are cutting your own hair. That’s where the Remington Shortcut Clipper comes in. You can now finish trimming that hair at the back, where the clippers left off.

The Remington SCC100 Shortcut hair clipper is regarded as one of the best clippers for buzz cut for home users because it is very simple to use. It’s no harder to use than a brush! Just adjust the setting to the length you want, then move it slowly across your head to get the buzz cut style you want. The adjustable trimmer keeps everything the same length

The Remington SCC100 Shortcut Hair Clipper comes with two types of guides. One is for traditional hair cutting. The other is for shaving your head bald (or very, very close). You have to use the correct guide if you expect to get good results.

It is light and easy to use, especially as it is used cordless. The charge does not seem to last very long, but you can keep it plugged into the charger between uses, as it cannot overcharge

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Wahl Lithium Ion Clipper #79600 – 2101

Wahl 79600-2101 Lithium Ion Cordless Clipper

Wahl Lithium Ion Clipper #79600 – 2101

The Wahl Lithium Ion Clipper also makes it into the top spot of the best hair clippers for buzz cut because of the affordable price and a wide range of features such as included full sized detailed trimmer, blade combs and the lithium ion technology that the it runs on.
The Wahl Lithium Ion Clipper is a cordless rechargeable hair clipper and powered by Lithium Ion technology, which tends to outperform standard Wahl rechargeable clippers by providing up to two times the run time (about 2 hours ) on a full charge. This eliminates the need for frequent recharging, and provides a versatile solution for people that prefer to have the flexibility to cut their hair anywhere they want..  such as in the garage or on the patio.
There are fifteen different guide combs to use with this model. These include choices that go from one-sixteenth of an inch to one full inch in length. There are also left and right ear tapers to use here plus guides for ear and brow trims. you can easily achieve a good buzz cut with this hair clippers

The blades on this Wahl model are made with high-carbon steel to keep them strong and sturdy. They are also self-sharpening blades so they will continue to work properly as desired, thus keeping the unit ready for use with a sensible and smart body that is not too hard for all to try and handle or maintain.
The features that the Wahl Lithium Ion Cordless Clipper has to offer are prepared to make it very easy for anyone to get a quality buzz cut going.

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Hopefully, this review of the the best hair clippers for buzz cut, will help your shopping easier and will leave you with a polished looking cut every time.
If you know of a hair clipper that you feel should definitely be on the list of best hair clippers for buzz cut, why not share your opinion below; We will investigate your recommended hair clipper and add it to the list if appropriate

The best hair clippers for buzz cut

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  1. Hey, I am a male and I’ve been cutting my hair by myself for quite a while.
    I do the most simple buzz cut so I use clippers.
    And I just wonder, what’s the difference between using the clippers against the direction of your hair? (from the edge to the center) and using the clippers with the direction of your hair? (from the center to the edge)
    What’s the difference?

  2. I got a haircut this weekend and the lady used these thinning scissors on my hair at the end. The problem is my hair is already starting to thin in the back so I’m debating whether to buzz down or wait it out. How long does it take for hair to grow back to the “normal” state after being cut with those type of scissors?

  3. Im a guy.
    I always get a scissor cut at the hair cuttery, but i dont have any more money to pay 15 bucks each time i go, and plus, i will be living i na dorm starting next month.
    Now the lady i always get my hair cut with told me i could just buy a pair of wahl clippers, and based on how she cuts my hair, said a 6/7 on the top and 3/4 on the sides and back. She told me to just go from front to back/all directions on the top of my head, and go straight up on the sides and back. Then use the trimmer to trim sideburns and get my roommate to do the back neckline.
    Is it really this simple? Or will I probably screw it up and not invest in the clippers? My hair is sorta wavy/curly so when its long it’s unmanageable but when its shorter i can style it great and easily.
    Plus, what do people mean by taper? I never use the term so I’m sure i don’t do it to my own hair and wont want to, especially if its a fade or something like that.

  4. how do i go about getting a perfect nice looking buzz cut??
    i always cut my hair short but my buzz cuts always come out crappy…. where do i get good, even looking buzz cuts??
    do supercuts do a good job???

  5. Ahoy hoy.
    I do my own buzz-cuts, and I currently do so with my fathers old Wahl clipper. However, next year I am going to college and I’ll be needing my own so I can continue to be my own barber.
    Any recommendations for a good clipper that isn’t too expensive? (I’d say $100 tops, and that’s pushing it.)

  6. Im thinking of getting a buzz cut but I want to know how fast my hair would grow back in case i didn’t like it. Its about 3-4 inches right now.

  7. i got it buzzed down to a 1 or mabey 0. theres almost little to no hair left. how long will it be in one week, and in a month? p.s it helps if you say the clipper size like 2…3 etc

  8. For quite a long time I’ve had a buzz cut. But now I’d like to grow my hair out and I really like the way Bradley Cooper has his hair. It’s like swept back but not wet or slick looking. In a similar vein, I like the way that guy Marcel from Top Chef has his hair, which is similar to Bradley’s. What product should I use?
    In addition, please note, I am now growing my hair out. I do not need extensions.

  9. i’m a teenager and i have brown hair, but i really want to get a buzz cut, but idk how short to go. What do you think? Pictures would be great if you have them

  10. do u think cutting hair with scissors is motr interesting than buzzing everything with clippers?if u are to cut his hair very short what attachment u use on clippers?

  11. i want to buzz cut my own hair… i have a clipper and clipper guards and everything, what are some tips to cut an evenly uniform buzz cut?? how do it shape it up w/o neck clippers??

  12. im getting a hair cut. not sure if i want a buzz but or longer on the top than then sides. I have somewhat admirable hair now but i just want it off. could someone post some likes to pictures of different lengths of clippers and how long the cut hair (like a 1, 2, 3, 4) thanks

  13. i want to give myself a buzz cut but i dont know how, do you put a gaurd on the clippers? and what setting does it have to be on(handle on the side up or down) and which direction do you go?

  14. how do you do it? do you have any tips, techniques, or advice to share with something who might be interested in cutting their own hair at home.
    how did you learn to do it at first? did you learn from a book? did you learn it from a website? do you know of any good books or websites that teach how to cut hair at home. share anything that you think will be helpful to anyone intersted in cutting their own hair.

  15. My hair grows in odd directions and my current clippers won’t cut my hair evenly. Do you have any suggestions for around 30$.

  16. I am really bored, i thought of getting it buzzed at home so just to make a change but i dnt know how and what attachments to use? will i still have some hair to style after a buzzcut?

  17. Im getting a buzz…. I have had long bangs and almost shoulder length hair sense 2nd grade. My hair is blonde. I just want some pictures and what number they are. Thanks

  18. Right now I have 5 inch skater/surfer hair. I am known for my hair and I really love it. A lot of my friends have long hair, and a lot of them have short hair as well. My short haired friends have asked me many times why I have never had a buzzcut and why I won’t at least buzz it off for the Summer. Deep down I really have always wanted to try a Buzzcut at least once, but I don’t want to lose my iconic look. My friend Nick who had 2 inch long hair who usually got a Buzzcut, got his hair cut for the first time in 3 months. I felt his head and it felt really cool. I like that Buzzcuts are very neat looking as well. I want to get a #2 or $3 Buzzcut all over. My school ends in about 2 weeks. I want to get it cut after school ends so no one will see me. My question is is that will I be able to get a Buzzcut and be able to show up on the first day of school with at least 4 inches of hair to keep the skater long hair look?

  19. My favorite hair cut is a 2(1/4″) buzz cut all around my head, which I like to get once a month to keep my hair short. My dad says it is too expensive and I don’t like my hair long, I prefer to keep it short.
    Would it be smart to invest in a clipper and try to do it myself?

  20. I have never gotten a buzz cut before, and my hair naturally straight.
    Im thinking of getting a buzz cut to see what it feels like, but im afraid
    that my hair won’t grow back the same way again. Will it grow back the same way again, or will it be a bti different?

  21. Hello,
    How hard is it to give myself a buzzcut??
    Will it look OK if I use only one single guard size everywhere? I’d like to see some pictures if you have some
    Anyone else does that?

  22. I need a more professional hair clipper because I am unhappy with the cheaper Walmart brands. The most recommended are the Oster, Wahl, and Ander brands. I want to know what price range is appropriate for someone like me.
    I understand that most rate the Oster Classic 76 as the best hair clipper. I am wondering if something like the Oster would be useful for someone who simply buzzes his own hair. I usually buzz my hair with both a number 1 and 2 clipper. I only need a simple hair cut. I would like to buy a more professional clipper, and don’t mind paying more for a professional quality type of clipper. I just don’t want to end up buying something that I might not really need.
    Is an Oster Classic 76 a good option for someone who only needs a simple buzz cut? Or would a Wahl brand do the job just as well? I noticed some Wahl clippers are selling for $50 compared to the Oster selling for $120.

  23. So I’m a blond guy,muscular, and I find that Buzz-cut hair is most comfortable for me on my head, but I was wondering if girls like the look of it. I know that every girl is different, but what is the general consensus on buzz-cut hair?

  24. I just got a buzz cut and i used a #2 guard (1/4″) all around and i hate it. my regular haircut is a #1 – 1/2 (3/16″) on the sides and i usually get the top cut with scissors. how long will it take for my hair to grow back so i can get my regular haircut again?

  25. Okay, so i dont have a #0 gaurd, and i need one to fade mty hair, which number on the lever do i put it on withought any gaurds on it,,like only the metal???

  26. What’s wrong with the clipper I use to buzz cut my hair? I tried turning it on and it did not turn on at all. I do not know of any possibilities that could have ruined the razor, since it was working fine beforehand.

  27. I plan on getting my head shaved and I need to buy a pair of hair clippers. My hair is past my shoulders, straight, and I have thicker hair. Should I buy a good pair of clippers or should I save my money and go get it shaved off? I plan on donating my ponytail to Locks of Love also

  28. wht is the difference when you start at the forehead and go back than from starting at the back going to the forehead? does the hair on top look different or the same

  29. my hair is medium length now and im wondering if i should buzz it like always or maybe choose a new hair style. Im willing to change it up so if you could show me some photos of hairstyles of people with fine/thinner hair. Most male models have full thick hair so i dont know what to do.plz help me out

  30. My boyfriend wants me to start cutting his hair for him, because the barber is getting more expensive. When he goes, he usually gets a #4 on the sides, with scissors on top. I don’t mind doing it this way, but could I use the hair clipper on top too, that just cuts at a longer length? If so, which one should I use? I don’t want to use it and then cut it too short on accident. Thanks! 10 pts. to best answer

  31. well im planning to get a Bald hair, and i want it like Short but not TOO short.. wants the difference between buzz cut and Bald number 2?

  32. month in month out —–Yet others do it at home themselves?????????
    What are reasons you’d buzz cut hairat hair place when you could do it at home?? just curious..thx.

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